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Militant agnostic, secular extreemist.

Telegraph Road, On Every Street.

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You'll get the idea from the few things I've posted and the things I'm interested in.
3d cgi, 8-bit, 80's cartoons, a-train, ac/dc, adult swim, aeon flux, albinism, albinos, andre the giant, audio engineering, back to the future, barenaked ladies, bass, bill hicks, bill mahr, blindness, bob ross, bobcat goldthwait, bondage, brian posehn, busta rhymes, carlos mencia, character design, chevy chase, chris rock, codes, coleco, comedy, cowboy bebop, dan aykroyd, daydreaming, deafness, deja vu, dire straits, doom, doom 2, dragon tales, drawing, dreaming, dreams, drumming, duct tape, due south, ellen degeneres, emeril lagasse, eric johnson, escape to witch mountain, feminism, finding nemo, fleetwood mac, fluid memory, foo fighters, george carlin, glasses, gorillaz, graphic design, greg proops, henry rollins, jacqueline steiger, jeffrey scott, jethro tull, jim norton, john malkovich, johnny rocket's, kevin smith, keyboards, lacrosse, lewis black, marcie, mark knopfler, megazeux, mel brooks, midi, midnight oil, mint, mission: impossible, mitch hedberg, monsters inc, neil peart, nintendo, nsfs, old video game music, oldies, omf2097, outkast, outrun, p.c.u., peter falk, photography, photoshop, pixar, prarie home companion, psychology, quantum leap, quentin tarantino, rainbow brite, rammstein, redd foxx, richard jeni, richard pryor, robin williams, rodney dangerfield, runes, rush, sam kinison, shrek, sin city, steely dan, stories, storms, tenacious d, the beatles, the dave matthews band, the incredibles, the moody blues, the peanuts gang, the pretender, the rock, the tick, the triplets of belleville, the venture brothers, toy story, trigun, trixie flagston, tron, turkey hill iced teas, ut2k4, victor wooten, williams syndrome, williams-beuren syndrome, writing, writing music, yes